the songs of life;
Hello and welcome to Field Of Soul. A Jpop mp3 rotation owned & rotating by Miwako. This site features 2 mp3s every week or so, whenever She likes to rotate it. This site needs a host, so, if you want to host this site, let Miwako know. This site is part of Truly, Miwako's Blog. The layout feats Furuya Keita of Lead, one of the famous japanese boyband. Made in photoshop 7.0 and coded in notepad. And Miwako didn't use any brushes in it. Don't take or copying anything from this site. You're the visitor # and tracking.

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the mp3 downloading;
Read the rules first before you download something.

o1. Rainbow
Artist. Hamasaki Ayumi
Point. 9/10
Album/Single. Rainbow
Comments. Pretty Voice, Pretty Song. One of Ayumi's typical song. But it's still pretty. Hamasaki Ayumi has a very pretty voice. I like it.

o2. Can You Celebrate ?
Artist. Amuro Namie
Point. 8/10
Album/Single. Can You Celebrate ?
Comments. One of Namie's old song, I guess. Not one of my favorite. But, anyway, she still has a pretty voice. I really admired her voice so much.

Remember to download only one at time. Don't hammering the server since it's hosted at a free server, not mine. If you still want to keep this site alive. I will remove this site if it consumes a lot of bandwidth. If you want to host the mp3s, mail me.

the site copyright;
Field Of Soul is an mp3 rotation site by Miwako. Layout, Coding, Contents & Idea - by Miwako. Name credit to Lead's Get Wild c/w song. Furuya Keita is a member of Lead, pony canyon, flight master & forward music. The site is hosted at, & Graphic & Coding credits special thanks to Adobe & Microsoft.
The rules of downloads;
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o1. download one at time
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o5. link me if you're going to use them
o6. don't use a download accelerator plz
o7. the password of the mp3s is "f1eld0fs0ul"

about the layout boy;
Furuya Keita - LeadFuruya Keita is the 2nd youngest member of Lead. Usually known as Kei-chan or Orenji-chan. He was born in Fukuoka, Japan on June 13th 1988. He's the last member of Lead. Along with Nakadoi Hiroki, Taniuchi Shinya & Kagimoto Akira, together they former the boyband group, Lead. His goal is to perform live at the Fukuoka Stadium, his hometown. Keita is the main dancer of Lead that he studied 4 years of dance. He liked an American Music, his favorite American Artist is Christina Aguilera. And his favorite japanese artist is Da Pump.

about the site & stuff;
Field Of Soul is an mp3 rotation that I had been working on since last November. I meant to name this site Remind. But after thinking more about it, I decided to name this site Field Of Soul. The name was came from Lead's Get Wild Life c/w song. I was stucked in thinking a name. Yeah, I'm bad at it. I did everything in PS7 (the site design and creation) and coded everything in notepad. If there's any errors, let me know. I haven't make the list yet though. So there's no request allowed. I will finish the list as soon as possible.

about the site & stuff;
Furuya Keita - LeadLink me with or without the button. Click on the with to save it into your computer <3

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